About us

Golden Owl Interiors specialize not only in bespoke kitchen design and interior fit-outs, but also in residential and commercial 3D- space planning.

From luxury bathrooms to walk-in wardrobes, smart storage solutions and living rooms. We work with you to create the space you desire, within your budget. Whether you simply only need a new kitchen or the entire house redesigned ,we bring your ideas to life.

We are extremely passionate with what we do and for us it is not only about delivering a beautifully design outcome, but it is also about walking side by side without clients every step of the way from start to finish to ensure every piece of finished detail is perfect.



Our designers have a passion for crafting amazing interior spaces that suit our client’s lifestyle and how they use their home. Our team of highly qualified and passionate interior designers carry many years of experience in the design industry.


We manage your interior project from start to finish, offering 3d plans and perspective views every step of the way, to ensure our clients are happy with the final outcome of the project, from site measuring to 3D design to lighting plans and flooring option, we make the journey as comfortable and straight forward for our valued clients. No project is too big or too small for our close knitted design team.


Every great home design is unique and special, which is why we treat every project with precision to attention to detail.

Golden Owl Interiors provides design expertise at every stage of a project, we manage your interior project from start to finish, providing electricians, tilers, flooring specialists, cabinet makers, painters and plumbers, making it easier to get more done with less stress for our clients

We understand that a home is not quite a home without its unique furnishings and final touches. Golden Owl Interiors can transform any space, whether a room or your entire house by delicately choosing furnishings that will not only look stunning but will also meet all your practical requirements for day to day living.


Restaurant design

Golden Owl interiors are fully equipped to offer Commercial packages for restaurant owners and cafes we understand the complexity of each project.

Offices and shared spaces

we offer a wide range of solutions to match all needs in big or small spaces to get the best of every inch.